Transmission Fluid Level


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Question Transmission Fluid Level

I have a 2001 Volvo V70 Cross Country (4WD) and have notice transmission fluid stains on my driveway. I am unable to locate a dipstick for the tranny How can my transmission fluid level be checked? My ownerís manual does not address this.

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You failed to say automatic or standard trans. Chech your owners manual again. They may tell you to contact the dealer. Some vehicles have no dipstick for automatic transmissions. You have to have the car level and remove a plug from the transmission pan or the transmission. \

There will be a temperature given when to check it. Not rocket science---just a pain in the a$$.
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i also wouldn't drive it much with any size leak. small leaks have a habit of becoming large leaks rather quickly, i hope i'm not riding the motorcycle behind you when a hose blows completely off.

the european (MB) trans i was just trained on has a dipstick tube, but no dipstick. my wife's VW has a sealed dipstick. they do things different over there. i would kindly ask the dealer to show you how to check it if it's at all possible, maybe when you get your oil changed.

low fluid will burn a trans up in almost no time too.
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Thanks for the responses. Car nut - I realized after my post that I didn't state auto trans, but I figured most folks would realize that was what I meant, as I mentioned trans fluid rather than trans gear lube, and was inquiring about a dip stick. I went to the dealer and the service manager said that it is a sealed system and not serviceable (nor refillable) by the owner. It needs to be brought in for a trans mechanic to check.

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