starting problem


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starting problem

I have an 89 chevy barretta with 75000 miles on 4cyl. a/c 2.3ltr.? engine. I drive the car every day and it starts great, no problems. However it has happened 2 or 3 times over the last 8 months. I will start it and it will immeduiately stall, I cannot restart it at all unless i wait about 3 hours. it happened last night and i tried starting it after 1/2 hour, waited another hour or so and tried again but nothing.Then finally waited about 3 hours and started fine and drove it around. started fine this morning also. when this problem happens it's like there is no spark because engine doesn't even try to start. year and a half ago, i had new ignition coil, wires and plugs put in.
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well you need to narrow down why the car isnt starting by checking for spark at a spark plug either by using a screw driver and while inserting the metal end of the screw driver into the plug wire and while holding the handle of the screw driver hold the shank about 3/8 of an inch from something metal on the engine and have someone crank the engine over, or you can by a simple spark tester that plugs onto the plug wire at most parts stores.
you will also want to pick up a noid light so you can check injector pulse by unplugging one injector and installing noid light and cranking engine over to see if the noid light flashes.
next time the problem occurs you should check the above things and also note whether you hear the fuel pump running when you first turn on the key if you listen closely you should be able to hear it running the noise will be coming from the back of the car as it is located in the gas tank.
finding out these things will help us give you a better idea of what is likely causing the problem.
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Do you have a repair manual for it?.. their should be a way to see if the ECU is throwing out any error codes..On my 88 Pulsar my ECU is under the passenger seat and it has a red light and a green light, this gives me error codes and I look them up to see what the problem is..

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not everything is like your...

...88 nissan pulsar.

perhaps you should spend more time reading these posts by'd learn more

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