2001 sable/taurus trunk leak


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2001 sable/taurus trunk leak

Hi - Anybody know of problems with the 2001 sable/taurus water leaks that fill up the trunk with water. I'm guessing that this is a common problem.

This car is like new and I don't see any broken seals or poorly fitting joints. During the rains though, the spare tire area in the trunk fills with water. I am contemplating getting in the trunk and having water splashed on it, but I'm not really looking forward to that!

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...the quickest way. be sure to take a flashlight in with you and have someone you trust on the outside...*LOL*
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Start low with the hose and slowly work your way up to the roof.Don't use a spray nozzle on the hose remove it and just trickle the water on.A nozzle can force a leak that doesn't really exist.If the water is dirty it's coming up from the road if clear it's from the rain hitting the car.
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It could also come in because of a bad seal around the rear window..after a rain, see if its wet inside the car by the window sill..


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