signs on the spark plug


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jim wheely
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signs on the spark plug

it is time for a tune up on my car. the spark plugs have a build up that looks rusty . what is this a sign of. also what happens if you do not change oil and why?
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A tan or brownish color means engine is running normally...If you don't change your oil, the engine will jump out of your car and run you sell used cars by any chance?

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usually if there is a build up on a plug it is usually from oil that is getting into the cylinder and leaving deposits of the oil stuck to the plug.
as far as not changing your oil bottom line is it will shorten engine life in a couple of ways oil gets contaminated with gas which will change its viscosity as to where it will actually be to thin to provide proper lubrication and the additives in the oil such as detergents which help keep your engine cleaner gets used up and leads to deposits being formed inside the engine causing slower oil drain back to the oil pan and can cause clogging at the oil pump pickup screen.
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A reddish color on the plugs is usually caused by an additive in the fuel your using. If your in the habit of using the same brand fuel all the time, I might try a different one. It really won't harm anything though.

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