Anti-Freeze Filling Overflow Tank


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Anti-Freeze Filling Overflow Tank

I have a 95 Isuzu Rodeo, 2.6L, 4Cyl. A couple of weeks ago, I starting to smell anti-freeze when I drove to work, and on the drive home(12 miles one way). A few days later, I overheated. I checked the hood, and the overflow tank was full and antifreeze was blowing out. I refilled the radiator and things were fine for about a week. Then I started smelling anti-freeze again, and every night the overflow tank overflows, and I have to add more anti-freeze. About nine of the twelve miles are on the freeway, and the remainging three are in town. If I have to stop at a light doing that three miles, the temp gauge starts creeping up. I ran the A/C to see what would happen, and that made the problem worse, and a lot quicker.

The Thermostat has been replaced, and the Radiator has been rodded out(the shop said that they only found a little trash in the radiator). I have also replaced the radiator cap. I don't see any signs of the typical anti-freeze puddle normally associated with a bad water pump.
Thanks in advance for ideas and/or suggestions.
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For starters, check for cooling fan operation, and have the system pressure and block (chemically) tested. You can probably have the pressure and block test done at the same time just about anywhere for $20-30. Above all, don't overheat it - your problems will snowball quickly. How long ago was the t-stat replaced? And can you elaborate on the "radiator rodded out" and what kind of "trash?"
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yes, like PMG just said, don't overheat it anymore, or you will definitely crack the cylinder head, and then crack your wallet.

rent, borrow or otherwise obtain a radiator pressure tester with the correct adapter for this radiator. fill the radiator completely and pump the tester up to 15 psi. there are a few small rubber hoses near the throttle body which will crack and leak, as will the water pump and even the radiator.

what i do, is on a completely cold (overnight) engine, pressurize the radiator for 1/2 hour, and pull out the spark plugs. with a bright flashlight, a bad headgasket will show antifreeze in those spark plug holes if it's bad. if the spark plugs won't come out(like #3 or #4), then it's too late, the burning antifreeze glues those plugs into the head and you have a big problem.

let us know what you find, and we'll go from there.

ps. (don't go over 60,000 miles on the timing belt, when it breaks, you bend valves)

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