wont start


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wont start

Hay guys, I was wondering if you'll can help me. I got up to go to work. and went to start my 79 GMC C15 350 and it started like normal. and so I reved the engin to warm it up for a couple mins and when I let of the gas it just shut off. now I cant get it to start. all it does it crank. it gets gas cause I looked down there and saw it squarting it down there. and I try pressing on the gas but all I get is the smell of raw gas so I am at a loss.. I am thinking its a modular in the dis. but thats only cause we *my family* had that go out with the last two cars and were cursed like that lol. it just seems like the same problem happens no matter what lol. but I just dont think its geting spark... it was runing its useualy self yesterday. it has gas,oil, and water. so I dont know what to think of it... I pulled the #1 plug out and cranked it and dident see a spark but its also sun rise here. so I probly wouldent have seen a spark if it was there. so thank you for your help........... Matt
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If you get a spark tester you will know if you are getting spark by cranking and watching(need 2 people)check at least 2 wires.If you have no spark is the ignition rotor turning while cranking?Is the carbon button in the cap still there?Autozone can test the ignition module for you but it is not a guaranteed yes or no but somewhat accurate.How many miles on the truck?I'm the curious sort.
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up date

well after replaceing the modulator and cap and coil. after all of that it finely worked and worked better then ever. but when I went to go to work this morning it was runing realy rough, like it was runing on 6-7 not all 8. after work tryed to fix it by checking all of the connections but after puting it back to geather it was doing the same thing... and I lost the little spring 'thingie" so luckly we got an extra from the new cap. so my dad droped it off and we got it runing. but runing like it did that morning. Realy rough. I got the Accel High Proformance Coil. so I dont know if that helps any. so we are going to wait for it to cool down. and take off the cap and make sure everything is in place and hooked up right. yesterday we noticed that the roter was compleatly backed off. the screws were pokeing out. so were going to make sure its on. hopefuly it all works.... if you have any input. it would be helpfull. thank you for your help. ...... Matt.... P.s. it has about 176000 on it
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Have you taken it out and given it a good run since getting it started. You may have gas fouled a plug or two when trying to start it with no spark.
Did you unplug any plug wires from the cap while changing the module. You could have crossed a couple or left one not in tight.

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