94 isuzi trooper 4x4 hubs won't turn


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94 isuzi trooper 4x4 hubs won't turn

removed front hubs to replace lug studs ,when i put back the front hubs will not lock in now. need advice as to where i can find diagram on webb, or what ever to help. the universals turn but the wheels don't.
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mike from nj
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this is a very simple system, the only hard part will be the snap ring.

tighten the wheel bearing like any conventional bearings(snug, not tight)

install the 3 phillips screws

lay the cam/ramp/serrated part facing out

install the hub and figure out a way to get the snap ring on without the special tool. it can be done, but it's a chore. and it HAS to be in the groove completely, or you will be buying new hubs AND axles shortly

bolt on the outer hub part

it takes 1/2 to 1 full revolution of the axle to engage the hub. if you added too much grease or there's no grease at all, it will impede the operation.

side note: the reason you needed to replace lugs and studs, is because you absolutely cannot overtighten isuzu 'steel' wheel lug nuts.....no air tools!!!

the nut taper contact area is small, so that if you overtighten them, they will crush down on the stud and they will never come off.

isuzu sent us as a mandatory tool, a blue 'torque-stick' (80 ft/lbs) to use with our impact guns on steel wheels. haven't had a problem in like 10 years now.

thought you should know.
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94 isuzu

tks mike for the input. we got it repaired. this was not my vehicle but a friend of mine. i think they had 1 to many when they put it back together and had taken the auto lock hub apart and when putting it back put the outside spacer in the wrong place and not on outside then large spring and last snap ring. any way we got it right now. tks.

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