93 grand am battery


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93 grand am battery

Am I being paranoid? The battery gauge keeps jumping from 13 to16 for no apparent reason. It will happen when I'm increasing speed and also when I'm cruising along. Do I need to add water somehwere?, (it's supposed to be a lifetime battery), do I need a new battery? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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no such animal

First off there is no such thing as a lifetime battery most will go four years.You need to get a DVOM from radio shack if you dont have one.Put it on the DC scale put the red lead of the DVOM on the positive of the battery and check for voltage with engine running at a fast idle lights on you should see about 13.5 volts.
As far as water goes some maintenance free batteys can still be opened with a screwdriver to check water.(some cant)Use disstilled water if you can.
If you are getting 16 volts you might notice some other problems like light bulbs burning out fast etc.You did not say what kind of car you have but if it is a new one with a computer this would not be good 16 volts would more then likley fry it.
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Sorry I see now 93 grand am.

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