Rough Idle


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Rough Idle

I have a 91' Infiniti Q45. Lately my car has been running poorly. Here are the symptoms:

1) Rough idle

2) Black Smoke coming from the exhaust

3) I noticed a hard to describe odor coming from underneath the car, smells like exhaust (catalytic converter?)

4) Poor fuel mileage

5) Lacks power.

I ran diagnostics using the onboard computer and it flashed a 34 code which the book says points to the "Detonation Circuit". Based on what the technical manual says, there are a few most likely culprits:

A) Fuel injectors
B) Spark Plugs
C) Fuel Pump
D) EGR Valve

Does anyone have any ideas?
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I would remove the egr and see if it's stuck open.Also check your air filter and look for any hoses that may have come off or be cracked and leaking.
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A scanner would be very helpful here so you could study the data and look for something out of parameter. You could have a Mass air flow problem, O/2 sensor, fuel pressure regulator or even EGR. There are many things that can give you a rich idle.

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