OHC timing help


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OHC timing help

A search on this forum and even the internet yielded no info(for my situation) on this.....but my Dads 92 Mazda MX-6 (2.2L I-4) has a blown head gasket and I am about to have time to fix it(SBC strike). I have swapped heads several times before on Mustangs, and doing an I-4 would be, to me, a little more than half the job.....'till you bring in the cam timing. I have not done it before, but know how to do it on pushrod motors(with the proper tools). How different is OHC timing? Do I even need to re-time the cam after a head gasket swap? If I do ...will I need the degree wheel, positive stop and dial indicator as I do with pushrod cam timing?

Thank you in advance for ANY info/links about OHC timing!

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Fairly easy job. Before you take the head off, make sure #1 is at TDC. You can use the timing mark on the crank pulley for this.

Once you get the upper and lower timing covers off you'll see the timing marks on the cam pulley (it's marked with a 1, 2, 3 and 4) and crankshaft gear (dot or arrow lines up with notch). Put the "1" at 12 o'clock (the alignment pin for the pulley should also be at 12 o'clock) and the crank gear should line right up. I usually mark them with "white-out".

Keep 'em lined up during the timing belt install and belt retension and the distributor should slip right back in with the rotor pointing at the number 1 tower.

I've got some pics in my 626/MX-6 Haynes manual and can scan them in to my personal web site if you need them.

I've done my '89 Probe GT a few times, so holler if you need more help.

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Awesome....Thanks for the scan offer, but your explination tells all that I needed to know!

Thanks again!
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