transmission cooler


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transmission cooler

What do you think about transmission coolers? Should I get one? Are they easy to install?

We have a '03 Dodge Grand Caravan EX 6 cyl. engine (I forget the size) and we are planning on pulling a 2000lb pop-up trailer about 2000 miles this summer. These vans don't have great track records with the trannys so I want to do anything I can to avoid problems.

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I think your van may already have one some came with them.A larger aftermarket cooler wouldn't hurt though and yes they are fairly easy to install.
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Yes, it would be mandatory to have a cooler to pull that trailer and the bigger the better. Even if you already have one, another would never hurt. The cooler you can keep the oil, the longer it will last. I woulds also do a pressure flush every 15-20K once you start towing that trailer. Fresh oil is very good for the tranny and the flush is the only way to get it all out. If it's flushed regularly, you should never have to worry about the filter/screen.
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yeah, you might already have one.

take your vin# to a dealer, and kindly ask the parts guy if they'll run the equipment options. it's about 200 codes of everything built onto the vehicle. heavy duty tow package will show up as a few things, like bigger radiator, alternator, 'trans cooler', fans, brakes, wheels, etc.

if you trusted me, i would do it, but then i would know your name, address and phone number, so i wouldn't even ask.

these trannies had initial design flaws. they've worked most of them out, but it seems strange new ones crop up from time to time.

"I" drive one(of that trans style)

good maintenance always pays you back with good reliable performance, make sure you use the fluid style stamped on the trans dipstick ONLY, which is atf+4.

if you need to buy a cooler, especially for cross country towing, make sure you get one made for that vehicle, not one that will simply fit. i've seen shoddy installs left laying in front of the radiator and it didn't take long for a line to rub through, you won't make it a mile or two once that happens.

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