fuel injector cleaner


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fuel injector cleaner

What do you pros think about using fuel injector cleaner that comes in a bottle and is added to the gas tank?
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Can't speak for the pros, but about all gas sold in the U.S. has additives added. Among other things, there is supposed to be an injector cleaner in the mix. I've run a number of cars past the 100K mark and have never had a clogged injector. If the manufacturers thought it was a good idea, they would probably say so in the owners manual. If your cars sits for long periods, you could get some lacquer build up but it's doubtful under normal driving. Motorcycles and lawnmowers, which usually sit idle for six months a year, are another story.
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Living it certain areas it may help as injector clogging seams to be something common in some areas as oppossed to others.So it won't hurt if you do and may benefit you in the long run.
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It can be mildly helpful in a preventative nature. They do get clogged and I've seen many. GM has a number of TSB's on the subject. The best thing is to just get a professional pressure cleaning about every 30-40K and you won't ever need any additive. I don't think they work well enough to prevent many problems anyway.
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I add a bottle of the stuff every time I change the oil. Cheap insurance.

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