starter/solenoid problem 84 Pontiac Parisienne


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starter/solenoid problem 84 Pontiac Parisienne

My car had been running great until yesterday. Started just fine...drove to the store...came out and tried to start it again...nothing! Solenoid didnt click,clatter or anything. Checked the wiring on solenoid and seemed okay. Sprayed it with WD-40 because we had heavy rain the night before. Waited a few minutes and... it started right up. Drove it home, shut it off and tried it again twice...started just fine. I thought problem solved. Went out 2 hours later and nothing! I've checked the battery (12.15 v), fusible link and the wiring on starter- they LOOK okay. Was going to pull the starter out and check the solenoid, but there is some kind of support member blocking it. Its bolted to frame by the tranny and to the engine cross member (3/4 " bolt head) Can I safely remove this? More importantly, do I HAVE to? Also, am I not checking something I should be checking first? Any advice on this would be really appreciated! Thanks!
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Check for battery voltage at the big starter post then check for battery voltage at the small terminal with the key in the crank position.If you have power at both you likely need a starter if the cable connections are clean and tight at both ends.I think it will come out without removing the brace but if you need to remove it you will be ok.

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