Blow-by in 1991 Pontiac Grand Am


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Blow-by in 1991 Pontiac Grand Am

My dad just bought a used 1991 Pontiac Grand Am. Working great. No smoke. Motors quiet (51,000 miles). He changed air filter today, and found oil on filter. Bought a PCV valve (can't figure out where it goes), and is taking it into the shop tomorrow. The main questioned he would appreciate answered is that if the rings were bad, wouldn't it be smoking. He is worried this might be very costly, so any help is greatly appreciated. thank you.
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if you could tell us the engine size someone could probably tell you where the pcv valve is located assuming it even has one as I believe the quad 4 doesnt use a pcv valve for crankase ventilation but does have a crancase ventilation system that is more prone to problems.
an engine with worn out rings causing excessive blowby in the crankcase may not smoke, when you take it to the shop you should find out what the problem may be as they will likely run a cylinder leakdown test to determine if there is excessive compression loss and where its going.

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