Oil change - what weight to use?


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Smile Oil change - what weight to use?

We recently bought a 2002 Honda Odyssey and its time to change the oil. Typically we have used 10W-40 in the summers (Michigan, local and hwy driving) on previous vehicles. The owners manual for the Odyssey calls for a 5W-20 This seems rather light. May we use a heavier Castrol oil 10W-40 for the summer?
Should we use the Honda filter or can we use a Fram equivalent?
Finally, does anyone know the metric size socket needed for the oil sump drain bolt?
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No, you can not use heavier oil in that, unless you want to buy an engine. That engine is engineered totally different than the ones your used to in the past. All the oil clearances and galleys are much tighter and using a heavy oil can cause total oil starvation.
As for the filter, yes Fram is no problem. They all meet OE specs. Just try to use one of the better grades.
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The oil drain plug is metric so if you don't have a set go get them now,you will need them for other projects also.I would use a Honda filter that way no questions come up under a warranty engine failure.Some aftermarket filters don't actually apply to the oiling sytem they may fit.Some newer engines have oil jets that could be plugged by certain filters resulting in catastrophic engine failure so I would pay the extra dollar or 2 for a Honda filter and new drain plug gasket.
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use what they say

I also have a late model 2003 Toyota that uses the same oil it seems like it is too light but lots of money was spent by automakers on the design of there engines and if they say 5w-20w there is a reason stick with that this is not your fathers Oldsmobile anymore these are high tech engines,
as far as filters go I have heard bad things about Fram(I used to use them) with no problem.But since I got the new Toyota only Toyota filters were used.
Lots of times the dealer will have deals on them buy a few.Yep stick with the Honda filter.
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Ditto here on hearing poor test results on Fram filters. I suggest staying away from them. You can't go wrong with the Honda filters, but there are other good ones out there like Wix.

My 2003 Civic calls for 5w20. I use Mobil 1 synthetic. I could not find 5w20 so I asked my dealer if 5w30 would be ok and he said it would be fine. I feel comfortable with it for 2 reasons. It has the same low viscosity index (5) so it should flow fine at cold temperatures through tight clearances. Also synthetic giver better protection period at both high and low temperatures. I understand they started using 20 instead of 30 to squeeze a small increase in miles per gallon to help their corporate fuel economy average.

I have found Honda dealers using 10w30 in cars that call for 5w30. When asked for an explanation why they use the wrong weight they said because it works better!!!! I guess they think they know more than the factory engineers.

I think they did not want to stock more than one weight and most people do not check or ask so they could use maple syrup and most people would never know the difference---untill the engine locked up that is
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Thumbs up

Thanks everyone for the insights. My husband is still shaking his head in disbelief but asked me to go get some 5W20. We've used Frams for years with no problems, but Daov's point about the warranty has persuaded us to use the Honda filters at least for now. Plus the Fram looks a little bigger for some reason. The Honda brand are only pennies more anyway.
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I would think it would be ok to use the 10w in the summer but not in the winter....Just my humble opinion....
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I went through all of this when I bought my wife a 2003 Ford Focus. The owner's manual says use 5W-20, which apparently Mobil didn't make at the time. I checked with the dealer and also with a couple of mechanics I respect, and was told in no uncertain terms NOT to use 5W-30, 10W-30, or anything else but 5W-20.

I understand Mobil 1 now comes in 5W-20, though I've never seen it anywhere. Pennzoil also makes a synthetic 5W-20 - I saw it at Wal-Mart.
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AE-I used Mobil 1 with my 1999 Odyssey. 10-30 works Ok, but check your owner's manual. There is a graph in the maintenance section that lists a pretty wide range of oil weights. Ditto on the Honda filter. I cut a Honda filter and an aftermarket filter in half once and found the Honda filter had about twice as many folds in the media paper. The drain plug seal should be replaced with every oil change-they're only about 30 cents and new ones don't leak. One last thing, don't over tighten the drain plug. The factory torque spec is 27lbs/ft, which isn't a huge amount. The oil pan is alloy and it's very easy to damage the threads.

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