1999 Toyota blocked drain?


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1999 Toyota blocked drain?

I've got a 1999 Toyota Camry LE 4-cyl., A/T 4-doors

I think I have a blocked/damaged drain tube leading from the air conditioner. I hear a gurgling sound coming from behind the dash when I corner with any speed/force and the floor is damp in the front arount the center console (near the gas pedal).

A residential air conditioning guy I work with suggested I take a coat hanger and try to clear the blockage from underneath the car by running the hanger up the drain tube. Problem is, I'm not exactly sure where the drain tube lets out. My assumption is that it's somewhere under the front left quadrant of the car as that's where I"ve seen water come from in the past after running the A/C.

So, any way someone could give me a more specific location or advice on what I should be looking to help me find this tube/drain? Since it's kind of a low slung car my view isn't all that great under there. Obviously it's probably not great for me to be poking random places underneath the car without some idea of where to begin. Also, does this strike anyone here as a good/bad course of action.

Now, assuming I'm not successful in fixing the problem on my own via this method (or any other method you might suggest as an alternative), what kind of time/cost might be associated with getting this fixed by a pro?

Any help would be appreciated.



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VICTORY! Problem fixed...

I was able to fix the problem myself, so no further assistance needed. However, if someone else has the same problem, the following is what I did to fix it:

The drain tube from the A/C can be found on the passenger side of the center console right near where the horizontal floor meets the vertical console wall and the incline before the engine compartment.

Step one: right under the glove compartment is a black (in my car) plastic plate. Remove this plate by pulling it down firmly, it should unsnap in about 3 or 4 places.

Step two: pull back the carpet in the passenger side foot well, beginning at the corner closest to the center console and closest to the engine (the corner closest to the door will be bolted down, but this corner should be velcro attached to the floor)

Step three: locate black flexible (foamy type material) tube near where the floorboard and console meet. Pull the end of the tube that goes out through the floorboard back into the cabin of the car (only and inch or two should be necessary) until the open end of the tube is exposed.

Step four: look for blockage (for me it was a white substance, possibly a spider nest?) and attempt to remove. I used a coat hanger and only needed to put it in an inch or two before the water began to gush out. CAUTION! This tube seems as if it would be punctured fairly easily, so try not to be too rough while probing inside the tube. Also, I only had to go in an inch or two, so I'm not sure if you'd do any damage by probing up significantly further.

Step five: Put tube back through hole in floorboard, replace carpet and plastic pannel.

It's hard to judge, but I had at least couple of pints of water that drained out in pretty short order, so when you're probing be prepared to jam the open tube back through the openning once the water begins to flow again.

I don't know how helpful this will be for non-Camry owners, but I hope it's somewhat helpful.


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Thanks Matt

I really am greatfull you took the time to post your findings. It saved me a lot of time looking for that drain. My clog was 6-8 inches into the drain line at the first bend it takes. Symptoms were my rear drivers side floorboard was getting flooded. I guess the water was being carried by the fan out the lowest A/C duct work.

Thanks Again for your efforts,

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I'd forgotten I'd even posted about that problem/solution. Glad it came in handy for you. It's nice to give back a bit after people were kind enough to help me with problems I posted in other forums over the last few years.


P.S. I found that running the A/C on high with the air flow being directed down toward the floor helped dry out my carpet before mildew/mold/etc set in.
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Thank you for the thread. I was not going to be able to get under the car readily with a good jack and stands. Your method ran me straight to the problem.
Thank you again.

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