Idle speed control actuator/motor? HELP!


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Idle speed control actuator/motor? HELP!

I need help determining if the idle speed control actuator is the problem. I have a 95 nissan maxima, 217,000 miles, God bless her, and it is a 5 speed. When I go to crank it, it cranks immediately, but idles around 2.5. As soon as I tap the accellerator to lower the idle, it cuts off, then is hard to crank, almost winding out before it will "catch" and crank up. However, this doesn't happen all the time, which is why I don't think it is the throttle cable, or any loose hoses. I can't get a straight answer from anyone, since it doesn't happen every time, but is getting more frequent, and don't want to replace something I don't have to. I have noticed that if I turn the car off myself, and try to get it to do this, it won't. Once it is off and warmed up and running, it keeps running. But it is the initial crank-up that seems to be the problem. I just had it tuned up, thinking that would help, but no. Any ideas on process of elimination? Also, what else could this be? Other than that, this car could be in a commercial, NEVER a bit of trouble, just gas and oil. Thanks so much!
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You can test the AICV by disconnecting the harness and checking resistance with a DVOM between the terminals.
Check resistance between terminals 2 and 1,3
and terminals 5 and 4,6.
Approximately 30 ohms [at 25C (77F)]
If this is ok, then you should test the actual AICV. Remove the AICV from the throttle body and with the connector connected turn the ignition switch on and off and watch the AICV to make sure the valve shaft moves in and out smoothly. If it does not then replace the AICV. You will want a helper here as it will be impossible to toggle the ignition and watch the valve.
You may want to get your car hooked up to a diagnostic scanner to see if things are functioning correctly and see if there are any stored codes. On a 1995 vehicle codes are very easy to diagnose.
Good Luck.
I hope this is helpful to ya,

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