Cannot keep stations preset on radio


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Question Cannot keep stations preset on radio

I have a 1988 Isuzu Imark (which is the same thing as the 88 geo spectrum). Anyhow, I just installed a new radio with the ability to set stations into memory. It also has a digital clock display. If I set these, all will work until I take the ignition key out. When I do that, I lose all memory on everything. Another thing I have noticed is that the dome light only comes on when the key is in the ignition set to the ACC position. The car does not have to be running, but if I take the key out the dome light does go out even when set to be on when the doors are open. I never realised until installing the new radio that there was some tyype of wiring problem. So my question is, what wire am I looking for that needs to be connected in a different fashion which will change from having the dome light and radio not function properly to one that will function properly. I am thinking there is a wire somewhere that should bypass the steering column to provide power to these accessories, but instead it goes up the sterring column and is only hot when the key is in at least the ACC position. Any advice is very much appreciated. David
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I'd bet you created the wiring problem when installing the radio. The radio should have 2 different power supply wires. 1 is connected to "key on" power for radio operation. The other is for "keep alive" memory and should be connected to an "always alive" power source. Of course the have to be run through fuses. You may have tapped into one of the wrong wires in there somewhere.
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Check your fuses you may have blown one during the install.
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I have checked fuses

I should have mentioned that I had already checked the fuses and all are fine. One thing I do know is that I connected two red power source wires together into the power spot on the radio and that is the way it wason the original radio which was one of the old twist dial, non digital am/fm radios. So I am confident that it is probably one of the two wires that has been cut from someplace else, but both are red and there does not seem to be another red wire that appears to be cut anywhere. Should there be any difference in voltage or anything along that line that I could use to help troubleshoot??? Thanks again, David
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If you are getting power to your radio then you more than likely have a 12 volt source. IF you connected 2 red wires together then you may be causing a backfeed and essentially causing the electrical anomoly you are experiencing. I would suggest that you reverse the radio install to its original configuration and start over.
By the way, the memory wire that Desi eluded to should be BLUE. It may not always be but more times than not it is. If you connect the memory wire to an always live fuse then you will not lose your radio station/clocl presets when turning off the switch.
If all else fails read the instructions that came with the radio, providing you bought it new and it came with any.... LOL.
Hope this is helpful to ya,

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