94 cavalier electrical problems


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94 cavalier electrical problems

I have been driving a 94 cavalier (40000 miles) for a year now, and it has been running great. Until recently. While driving at 55 mph with four passengers by carís engine bogged down. It then came back fully, for about three seconds and then died completely. My speedometer sat at zero, while I coasted to a stop from that 55mph. My lights and radio experienced no dimming. I then tried to start my car. It would turn over, but not run. The next day I checked the fuses. My ECM fuse was blown with deals with electronic components and fuel injection. I then tested the fuse outlet with a circuit tester to see if there was a short circuit. I appeared to be fine. I am not confident in this result however as the device I was using wasnít specifically intended for this use. I then tested for sparks in the engine. Shut off the lights, I tried starting the car, each time with a new fuse. I varied the fuses between 3,5,7.5, and 10. The 3s and 5s blew as soon as I turned the key to the on position. The 7.5s blew while turning the car over. And the 10s actually lasted long enough for the car to run momentarily before blowing. Two sparks MAY have been seen. One near the starter and one neat the transmission. Also, I pulled one of my spark plugs during half of my tests to look for sparks. There were none, although I never tested this at the 10 level. I donít know where to go from here. Do you have any advice other than checking each component individually?
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for starters you need to get a wiring diagram for that circuit which will tell you what all that fuse supplies power to obviosly it supplies power to ecm but may supply power elswhere to as something in that circuit is shorted either a component or bare wire causing the fuse to blow and you should only use the appropiate amp fuse in that spot as to small of one will likely blow and to large of one could cause further damage.
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That fuse is supplying power to the ECM and most likely, the ECM is using it to supply power out to it's sensors or maybe even injectors. Any of these could be your problem. I would probably start by unplugging the ECM completely and then see if the fuse blows with key on. From there you'll need the schematic to go any further.

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