frozen bolts/ snuffs


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frozen bolts/ snuffs

do any of you guys know of penetrating oils ,(solvents) that really work. I've tried wd-40, liquid wrench, etc. I don't the room to use heat, chisel, and dont want to screw the bolts out. Please give your opinions and feedback. thanks, snuffs
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You have a pm.People should refrain from mentioning name brands in the forum if possible.Sponsors pay for our forum and help us keep the dialogue open please respect that.If you need to mention a name brand please use email or the pm function.Thank you for your cooperation.Perhaps if you tell us the trouble maybe we can come up with an alternative for you.
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When you ask if penetrating oils work you would have to define what "work" exactly is.
Companies vigorously advertise that these oils will "free up rusty bolts", but the term "freeing up" is subject to interpretation.

No penetrating oil will allow a seriously frozen nut or bolt to move without also increasing mechanical force.
If you have ever seen a rusty bolt after it's taken apart you will see that the threads have been pitted and rust has filled up the pits.
The penetrating oil will make it easier to turn the fastener, only because it REDUCES the friction of the loose rust preventing the turning of the bolt.
The only thing that truly dissolves rust, in spite of advertising to the contrary, is acid.
Penetrating oil is only an aid to the brute force needed to turn the fastener.

Proper tools are what is really needed.
An impact wrench is really the best way to turn a rusted fastener. An impact wrench will actually require less force than a steady pull of say an extended breaker bar.
Breaker bars are the first thing to strip a head or twist a bolt apart.

A trick you can try is before turning a bolt to remove it, try to tighten it slightly and then back it out.

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