Transmission and oil question?


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Transmission and oil question?

Hello, I have a 1992 huyndai excel gl, automatic trans. First I had a question on the oil. I went to check the oil level and when I pulled out the dipstick, the the guide tube can out also. When I put it back in i noticed that it is very loose. Would this cause problems because it was loose? I am having some problems with the transmission lately, and was wondering if air could be getting in where this tube is attached to cause some problem. When I am driving, you sometimes hear the engine reving up and then it slams into gear and jerks the car. other times you will be driving and it keeps downshifting and upshifting. I have had a lot of problems with the transmission ever since I bought the car new in 1992. I don't know if I was taken for a ride, but the Hyundai dealer suppossedly, replaced or rebuilt, the trans. 3 times while under warranty. Last year I paid for it to be rebuilt. Once I was told I needed a transmission, and to find out that all it was, was the speedometer cable. It was bad and was sending wrong signals to the trans. I am really leary as to what anyone tells me, as how do I know it is really the trans, as I can't see a transmission going that often. Ant suggestion. Thanks for your help!!!
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The dipstick being loose won't cause a problem unless it's leking fluid.Sounds to me like the fluid is low or you are due for another tranny.If it were me I would have dumped that car the second time it needed a trans under warranty.I guess we know why they went to a 10 yr 100k warranty on powertrain.
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I can tell you that you have never had the transmission "rebuilt" because they wont let us do that (unless of course you had it done by an independent rebuilder). Hyundai specifically says that there are only a few components that we can R&R on one of their transmissions, and that we are to replace with new or reman units if the need shall arise. I have never replaced a trans in an Excel, but have replaced a few in the Sonata's and Tiburons. That dipstick tube should be bolted to the side of the engine I believe. Are you talking about the engine oil dipstick or the trans fluid dipstick?
The revving problem you are describing is not likely a transmission issue more likely a TPS or some other electrical problem. But im also betting you have a low fluid level condition, which Davo eluded to, that is causing the irratic shifting.
If you have another transmission issue then I would certainly not throw any more money away on this car.
Hope this is helpful to ya,
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Thanks for your help.

You are correct the bolt is missing from the oil dipstick tube, that attaches to the engine . It is very loose and I noticed that the ring (o-ring i guess its called) is half gone. I am going to spend the $10 and buy the new tube and the o-ring.
Both replies seemed to say that it seems like a low transmission fluid issue, could it be excess fluid? I myself have never added fluid, but when I checked it now, there is a LOT of excess fluid in there. When the engines cold, the reading is way over the high mark, and when the engine was hot, and I took the trans. dipstick out, the fluid was actually bubbbling out. Don't ask me, how it has gotten so much fluid in there, probably from last year when I had the trans. rebuilt. I removed some of the fluid now, and I'll see what happens. Is it a good sign the the fluid was the color of new fluid, sort of reddish?

I have been told that the part which automaticly adjusts the idle, sometimes isn't working right (sorry, not sure what its called). I was told that sometimes the car would be in the park idle while it was in drive. When they checked it again, and tried to duplicate the problem, it seemed that it was working ok. I seem to notice that if the car is idling kind of low, that the shifting is more erratic.
I really would have liked to have gotten rid of the car ages ago, but my finances just won't allow it at this time. Even though I have had so many problems, I would still condider buying anther hyundai. Can anyone tell me if they would recommend me buying another Hyundai product, with this new warranty.
Thanks again for all your help!!!!

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