95 Neon - Power Steering


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95 Neon - Power Steering

Hi, I have a 95 Plymouth Neon 2.0L, SOHC. I recently got a check engine light and two different Autozone diagnostics have reported "Power Steering Pressure Sensor Rnge/Perf" I can't remember the actual code, ie P.... Also, I can't seem to notice anything different with the steering while driving. I checked the fluid and its full. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Most of the time P/S switches are designed to signal pressure to help something else operate. Most of them work as A/C cutoffs. I'm not sure how yours is used. Mike from NJ is the Chrysler expert. He should be along to tell you the way it is wired.
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If you locate the switch,in the rack or hi pressure line you can check it with a ohm meter.Disconnect the wire hold your probes on the switch terminals and have someone start the car and turn the steering all the way in either direction.When you do this the switch should go from open to continuity.If it doesn't the switch is bad.If it does the problem is in the wiring or the pcm.
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That pressure switch is on the top of the rack just before it enters the firewall.
The switch is a normally closed switch and opens when pressure exceeds 500 psi.
Hope this helps ya,
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Thanks for the help everyone. I'll see if I can get to it. Do you think it could be anything worse than the switch, like the pump or the rack and pin itself?

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