?? about replacing condensor in a Venture


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?? about replacing condensor in a Venture

I need to replace the condensor in my 2001 Chevy Venture. I am getting the part today and it comes as an assembly with the dryer attached. The job calls for 3hrs of labor so I'm going to assume it isn't as easy as it looks, so that leaves me with a couple questions. My questions are:

Will the condensor remove from the front or do I have to drain and remove the radiator? It looks like there may be enough room to get it through the radiator support but I've not really dug into it since I need the van out of commission for as short a time as possible.

If I have to remove the radiator, I hear there is a "special" way that the coolant system has to be refilled in order to keep air from being trapped in the system. Is this true, and if so what is the process?

It looks like the fittings for the lines are under the breather assy on the driver side. Is there anything special I need to watch out for while removing the breather?

Thanks for any assistance.
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You will have to remove the radiator with the condenser attached.The cooling system can be bled by loosening the screw above the water pump and the on at the thermostat housing close them when coolant comes out while the engine idles.I don't know what you mean by the breather but the air filter housing must be removed.You will also need to add .67 ounces of pag oil to the sysyem.I hope the sysyem is empty for safety sake,if not have the 134 recovered at a shop.Do not just blow cans of 134a into the system because it is full of air and will damage the sysyem.It will need to be evacuated to remove the air and moisture from the system.If you have a vacuum pump and a set of 134 guages you can do the evacuation yourself.If you don't own them it will be cheaper to let a shop do it for you.
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thanks davo.
I did mean the air filter housing when I said breather. The guy helping me does have the guages necessary. I was really hoping to not have to remove the radiator but that is why I asked here, before I got deep into the project and realized I was doing it wrong.

Thanks again for the help.

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