Disc Brake Question


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Disc Brake Question

hey im doing a school project and i need some help...i have 12 customer complaints for diffrent cars...and problems to do with brakes and all...i need to research and find 5 possibles causes ..tools and equipment required to quick check the challenge..and saftey practices...the problem im havin diffculty on is findin the possible causes (has to be 5 or less) and the tools required...could anyone plz help me on this ....this is one of the questions i have


Customer Complaint: When im driving with the windows down, I can hear a noise coming from the front wheels.It's not really loud. It's just a constant squealing sound.

Customer Vehicle: Pontiac Bonneville

so now i have to find the possible causes... saftey practices (which is easy) and toool srequired for the job

thanks alot...i would really appreciate it ..if someone could help me..thanks again..

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does the noise go away when the brakes are depressed?? many vehicles brake pads come with a metal sensor that rubs the disc when the pads get low and are near the end of their life. Often when the brakes are applied, the noise will go away...until the pads wear all the way down of course.

It could also be bad wheel bearings.
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I just had this challenge myself 2 weeks ago
It was an older Bonneville with a constant squeal
The front brake pads had worn down to the metal sensor jthompson mentioned
As for tools I needed a jack and some jack stands to lift up the front end of the car, a lug wrench to remove the wheels (well, I used an air operated impact impact gun with a compressor), a rachet wrench and some sockets, pliers, a flat head screwdriver (to pop out the old pads) and a brake caliper compression tool (but a pair of adjustable pliers would have worked)
Some front brakes require a Torx (star shaped) bit or an Allen wrench, but I don't recall using either on this one
Oh, I did use a clamp (some people use an old wire coat hanger) to hold the caliper up, (keep it from hanging from, and possibly damaging, the brake line), while i got the new pads ready
I hope this helps
Good luck on your project!
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This is a duplicate thread and should be merged with his other one asking the same question.

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