here my question and answers... (3 questions )


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here my question and answers... (3 questions )

hey i have three questions here...i have the anwsers as just not sure im right or wrong could someone please tell me if im right or wrong..thanks


Customer Complaint: When i backed out of the driveway this morning, I had no brakes.I pushed the brake pedal and it went almost to the floor

Customer Vehicleodge Dakota

possible caues i have are

1. Air in the hydrualic system
2. Brake Wires could be cut
3. blown out wheel cylinder
4. a leak in the master cylinder
5. Brake cylinder seal/lining problem


Customer Complaint: The right rear wheel of my car seems to be dragging.It is very hot,smells,and is smoking

Customer Vehicle: Plymouth Horizon

possible causes i have are

1. Broken or weak return springs
2. froozn piston
3. obstructed master cylinder bypass port
4. swollen rubber parts due to improper brake fluid


Customer Complaint: When i pull up to a stoplight, the brakes make a grinding sound.It Sounds like metal against metal.

Customer Vehicle: Ford Mustang

the possible causes i have are

1. Loose or worn caliper
2. missing anti-rattle springs
3. Brake shoes are wron
4. Brake pads are worn
5. The brake drum keeps alot of brake dust inside the brake assembly

thanks again
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well I would suspect a bad master cylinder on the dakota assuming there wasnt any leaks other than the master cylinder which may or may not so any signs of leaking or previous work done to the brake system that would allow air to be in the system.
on the horizon 1 and 4 would be possible but would also suspect frozen emergency brake cable, or leaking wheel cylinder.
I would assume the same on the mustang.
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thanks alot..

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If the Dakota has abs the bpmv may be bad.The Horizon could have a bad rr brake hose.The Mustang may have budget pads and shoes installed.These are just to add to Bejay's list.
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Well, on the Dakota
Air in the hydraulic system is possible but something else caused it. You have to find that.
By "brake wire" I assume you mean electrical-forget that
#3 and #5 seem to be the same thing
The basic fact is you either have a leak or a bad master cylinder

On the Horizon- all your choices are possible

On the Mustang
#1 is only possible if the caliper is contacting the rotor because it fell off.
#2 , #3 and #5. are NO
#4 is the most likely

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