a/c problem 93 Bonneville


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a/c problem 93 Bonneville

A couple of weeks ago my son hit a deer and did considerable damage to his car. The insurance co. totaled it out. They let me keep it for 50.00 so I got it home and removed the hood. grille,a/c condensor, radiator and transmission cooler, also both headlight brackets. If I can find another one like it that has been wrecked somewhere else I'll fix it . If not I'll part it out. My question about the a/c is the condensor was punctured and lost the freon. I would like to know if all the freon got drained or is there somewhere in the system that might still have some in it. It worked great up til his little hunt ( that's two deer now and still no meat- some hunter he is.) The system had r-12 so I imagine that will cost a pretty penny to recharge. All replies are appreciated.

P.S. He wound up with a 2004 Grandprix and I wound up with another repair.
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if it would of had any freon left in the system you would of noticed it when you removed the a/c condensor if you do decide to repair it would be a good idea to replace the drier/accumulator just before having the system vacumed down and filled as the old one will fill up with moisture from the air from the system being open so long.

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