hood and exhaust


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hood and exhaust

I have a 91 chevy lumina sedan. 3.1 liter 6 cyl. I wanted to change the plug wires as it runs a little rough in wet weather. I pulled the interior release handle for the hood right off and broke it. I pulled on the remaining cable with pliers to no avail. I cannot figure out the mechanism to manually release it. What should I do? Also, I need to patch a hole in my exhaust about 1/4 X 2 inches in size just before the converter. I have seen several kits but they look like there is too much maneuvering. If I moulded a peice of sheet metal(clamp it) and glued it would that work? Is there an adhesive or glue out there that you could recommend for this job? One that would withstand the heat and pressure. I dont want to replace any parts as I only need the car until the end of the summer.
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Your latch problem will take a little ingenenuity. You'll have to determine if the cable is still attached to the latch at the other end. If it is you may be able to access part of the cable through removing a few bolts from the wheel well or maybe up through the back of the headlamp. If the cable is no longer connected, you somehow have to reach the release lever on the backside of the hood latch. Sometime you can do this through the grill or up from the bottom by the fan. It won't be easy.
As far as you exhaust leak, nothing but changing that pipe will work. It's special metal for high temperature and some pressure. A leak in that pipe can also seriously effect the driveability of the vehicle and make it run very rich depending on the location of the O/2 sensors.

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