77 chrysler lebaron starter mystery


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Question 77 chrysler lebaron starter mystery

My 77 Lebaron only clicks when I key the starter,then the positive batt cable heats up after short tries. I have installed a new starter and solinoid, a new starter relay switch, and had the battery tested to show it's good under load. I have fixed many a starter systems and never been this dumb founded. I also had a new ign switch installed by a locksmith 3 days before it started with this problem. Does anyone know what else I can do?
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try turning over the engine by hand by placing a socket and breaker bar on the crankshaft bolt to make sure the engine is not locked up.
double check your cables both positive and negative at battery, starter, and block to ensure they are clean and tight.
generally if just one spot of the cable gets hot it is usually an indication of excessive resistance at that spot or a bad connection at that spot on the cable.
I would suspect a starter problem if the above checks ok.
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new cables-engine starts

Thanks bejay, I replaced the battery cables and turned the engine a little with a wrench on the crank bolt, and WHA-LA it turned over and is now running fine. I could not see any crust on the cables but they did heat up from one end to the other in just a few seconds. I think the old cables were replaced with a smaller gauge wire which caused them to heat up and after some time they weakened. I put a bigger gauge wire and that cured it. Thanks again. STEVE BUKOVITZ

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