Mazda Protege lurching/hesitating


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Question Mazda Protege lurching/hesitating

Hi, we are having a problem with our Mazda lurching/hesitating. The problem seems to mysteriously disappear when we take it to our mechanic - the past week or so it has been coming and going.

2001 Mazda Protege ES 4 dr sedan
Automatic, 2.0 L
Purchased new April 2001
95,000 km

Basic maintenance has been done since purchase (oil changes, etc.) including the recommended 48,000 km tune-up - 96,000 km tuneup (timing belt etc.) has not been done yet. New tires at 80,000 km.

The lurching/hesitating occurs when the car hits around 60-70 km/hr and then smooths out, then again at around 110 km/hr. Mechanic thought at first it might be transmission but when revving it in neutral ruled that out.

Then thought it might be fuel filter - perhaps problem getting gas which would cause the slight lurch/hesitation, but the problem didn't show up when we test drove it up to 70 km/hr with him so he has not touched fuel filter yet.

I had it out again today, it was hesitating on highway as I passed through 60 km/hr, then was smooth the rest of the way driving at around 100 km/hr. Drove about 30 km. On return trip there was no problem at all, at any speed.

We are not very mechanically-inclined but are looking for possible suggestions on what this might be, esp. since we are closing in on the powertrain warranty expiring at 100,000 km.

Also had added fuel additive about 2 tanks ago - could this be contributing?

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Has the check engine light come on during one of these episodes? If so then there should at the very least a stored code to get your mechanic started.
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Madza Protege lurching/hesitating

Hi, thanks for the reply - but nope, the engine light has not come on at all ...but watch, it will next time I drive it now

Thanks for asking!


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