85 Z28 dies when 4wire pulled off dist


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Cool 85 Z28 dies when 4wire pulled off dist

My 85 Z28 passed everything on CA "Test Only" smog check except for timing check. When 4 wire connector pulled from distributor as label under hood says to do, the car immediately stalls. I installed new EGR and EGR control solenoid, all new vacuum lines, new air pump, new purge canister control valve, new choke pull off and had new cat installed. I timed it and engine has never run better. I thought I had smog check licked, now I have to fork over more money. Any ideas on cause would be greatly appreciated.
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Ummm..... What 4 wire connector are you talking about. I have never heard of such a thing. Anytime you remove a connector from the distributor you are gonna have a problem. Unless there is something there that the CA inspections require that we dont on the East Coast.
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To set the timing on a chevy like this you need to disconnect the signal wire to the distributor which is brown with a white stripe. The black connector will be on the drivers side along the firewall. This will stop the computer from changing the timing while you are checking or setting it.

The 4 plug connector gives your distributor power, a ground and signals to work.
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Do you have a carb or fuel injection?
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I think it's the EST connecter that he wants to disconnect for timing purposes.

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