2000 Saturn SC1


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2000 Saturn SC1

Friend has a 2000 Saturn SC1 with a 1.9L, 50K miles. Question pertains to service engine soon light coming on intermittently. He has been to dealer 2-3 times and they replaced spark plug wires and light went out. After light came on this morning, I looked under the hood. Wires looked ok, though of course could still be bad even though they are new. I saw that there is no heat shield from exhaust manifold and he bought the car new, so it must nevere have had one. This appears to be an engineering oversight since I think it would cook the wires in a short time.
1. Could the service engine light come from a bad spark plug wire?
2. If I can get him to have Autozone read the codes, what website can I go to for translation?
3. Ain't it weird about no heat shield?
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Bad plug wires is only one of hundreds of things that can put that light on. Have the codes read but don't let AutoZone diagnose or sell you anything. Post the numbers back here and we'll try to help you.
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I'm the "friend" of Disability Guy with the Saturn problem. I had the code read at AutoZone and it was PO341, Crankshaft Position Sensor. To give you more of the history, the first time I took it to the dealer they said it was the battery and bad spark plug wires. When I went to pick it up, the "SES" light was still on. Then they said it was probably the ignition module. When I brought it back for that repair, they came out and said it was the Crankshaft Position Sensor but then came back a few minutes later and said that it was not that but the ignition module. They replaced the ignition module and later that same day the "SES" light came back on. When I took it back, they said that one of the spark plug wires they had replaced was bad and they put another new one on. The next day the light came back on. Sometimes when I start it does not stay on but most of the time it is on. Do you think it is the Crankshaft Position Sensor? Is it bad to drive it before this is fixed? What do you recommend?
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The code is for camshaft position which is determined by capacitive pickup plates built into the module under the 1/4 coil to read the #4 coil polarity.I would swap the coils between 1/4 and 2/3 and have the code cleared to see if it resets.If it doesn't reset the 1/4 coil is bad.If it does you may want to install new plugs.The wires and module were very possible causes of this code.You may have a bad pcm also.Does the car misfire?A misfire will also cause this code to set.
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No Misfire

The care does not appear to be misfiring now. At one time, before the ignition module replacement, it acted sluggish before changing gears (it is an automatic). After the original battery replacement and sparkplug wire replacement, it shuddered as I was turning left from an a stop at an intersection and that was when the SES light came back on after the first repair. So far, it does not do that now.

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