89 Chevy S10 won't start


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89 Chevy S10 won't start

Hey everyone,

I have a Chevy S10 that won't start. It won't turn over, click, or anything. I've charged the battery and checked the connections, and everything is fine there.

Any ideas of what it could be? Bad starter maybe? It's been sitting in the barn for a while. Could mice have chewed into something? The lights come on, but when I turn the key there's absolutely nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Theres always a possibility of a wire that has been eaten by mice. I would take a hammer and tap on the starter first. Can you hear a click from the starter when you turn the switch? What was the reason it was parked in the first place?
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Thanks Billy,

Nope, there's not even a slight click when I turn the key. No response whatsoever.

I parked it because I had bought a new car when I got out of school, but wanted to hang on to it because it was paid for. It was really starting to run pretty rough before I parked it, but it hadn't been sitting too long before it wouldn't start like this.

I'll try tapping on the starter like you said just to give it a shot. Any other ideas since it doesn't even click? Would it be worth while to go ahead and replace the starter? I'd eventually like to get this back to running good again.

Thanks again for your help.

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Our chev S10 has been out of commission for three monthsI've read every blog to no avail. Finally today I got it running, I decided since I couldnt find the answer I would comr=e back to help, Since the gas gauge was not workinf right we were not sure if it ran out of gas but this fixed it after trying everything else. Iy takes two people one in the drivers seat with the key readsy to turn it on, the other unde the truck drivers side right in front of the back tire with a rubber mallet in hand....The person under the truck in in charge they cont out loud 123 ,,,,,1 when they say 1 the other person turns the key on the person under the truck uses the mallet and hits the gas tank in the middle a few times when they say the second one. the fuel pump that got over heated from low or no gas will kick back in and it will be music to ypir ears to hear it. Now here is the important stuff when the trucks starts it will run ruff thats is ok the peson behind yhr wheel SHOULD NOT I REPEAT NOT turn it off if it stalls start it again. It must run 15 minuted to reset all the brain switches in the engine do help it out rev it only enough to keep it running and in a few minutes it will act like normal again but leave it yunning for at least 15 minutes without doing anything else if you turn it off it will be like reprogramming a computer 1/2 way. when ever you run the battery low trying to start it or put a new battery in or un hookit and reconnect it you need to give the truck 15 min of idel time to rest the brain. BTW if you go on a trip and ypur auto runns poorly at a different place you can un attacj the battery for 30 seconds reconnect it and start it let it run 15 min and it will reset itself to run where you are but remember to do it again when you get home. Hope this hekkped you cuz Im just a chick but We too can help sometimes!
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Welcome to the forums, lorri.

Couple of points here:

1. The OP's problem was that the car would not crank; the problem you corrected was one where the car would crank but not fire (failing fuel pump).
2. Banging on a gas tank to get the fuel pump back to life is a band-aid fix and usually used by mechanics to confirm dead fuel pump; the pump will likely fail in the not-too-distant future.

When posting, please watch the typos, punctuation, and wordiness; your post was very hard to read.

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