U joint replacement


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U joint replacement

I have a 97 Tocoma 4x4 and the U joint is squeeking. When I shift out of 2nd into 3rd I hear a "pang". I talked to a mechanic friend of mine and he said that the U joint in the problem. I wanted to make sure. If this is the problem, in your opinion, is it hard to change. I have the service manuel but wanted to ask. Thanks

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Well, the symptoms match the diagnosis but that's as accurate as we can be from this distance. Changing them could be real tuff if you've never done one before as each bearing cup is pressed into the driveshaft as it is assembled. Lose even one of the hundred or so needle bearings and you can throw that joint away and start over.
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I don't feel u-joints are hard to change but if you are not sure about doing the joints remove the propeller shaft and have someone at a shop do the u-joint swap for you.It should save you about half the labor.
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If your Tacoma is an extended cab, the problem could be the slip yoke hanging up. There are about 8 or 10 lubrication points on the drive shaft that need to be lubed regularly.
Mine failed way before the 36,000 mile warranty but Toyota would not cover the cost of a new shaft assembly because they claimed that I never lubed it.
They are right. I never did lube it. They did. At least 5 times over the 34,000 miles. Got the service records to prove it too but rather that have to argue with smart alleck service advisers and reps and such, Toyota "cheaped" themselves out of a threepeat Toyota customer.
I traded in the Tacoma on a brand new Ranger and love it.
But I digress...
If the rear axle of your truck clunks when the braked are released after stopping with an automatic trans, or as with a stick shift shifting from gear to gear. The problem may be the slip yoke sticking.
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I'm with davo - not that tough, if you know what you're doing. Take the drive shaft out and have a shop change the joints for you. After, of course, you verify that is actually the problem. Also, if you're going to change one, change them all.

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