93 Buick 3.3


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93 Buick 3.3

Going to get some tune up parts tomorrow, I have a 93 Buick Century with a 3.3 liter engine. The fuel filters are diffrent and one is for TBI and one for multi port FI. How do I tell which is which. Thanks
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TBI looks like a carb., MPFI doesn't. If a parts house told you that TBI was a choice on that car, I'd find a different parts house.
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Yes I agree that engine never had TBI.It's a very reliable engine and should treat you well with regular maintenance.Buy a tube of dielectric grease to apply to the inside of the spark plug wire boots.My opinion is the little packet that they include with a wire set isn't enough for one boot.I load them up pretty good to keep air and moisture out to prevent corrosion and carbon tracking.
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Thanks, I have a generic manual, Chiltons, that I was looking up part numbers in for when I go to the parts house. There was no identification on the engine except it has 3300 on the valve cover. Glad to hear that the engine is a good one. I've put on 30,000 miles in the last few years and haven't put a dime into it.
How long should plugs last on this thing? I put some in when I got the car 2 years ago and I'm from the old school of changing them at 10,000 miles but the manual says 100,000. I have a slight problem when I first start it trying to put it into gear it will stall if I don't let it sit for a minute. I also have to say I'm intimidated by it as I can't recognize half the things in the engine compartment.

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