2002 RAV4 Security System Operation and ECM


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2002 RAV4 Security System Operation and ECM

I purchased a 2002 RAV4 with a security system, and am wondering about some observations:

When all doors are locked, the security light does come on. However:

1) I can use keys cut from Home Depot to start and run the vehicle.
2) The second owner, a non-Toyota dealer, said they have had the battery disconnected and have not had to reinsert the security codes once the battery was reconnected.

What is happening? Also, as I wanted to disconnect the battery myself to reset the ECM because I installed a K&N filter, I was wondering how long the power had to be off on the vehicle before the ECM resets?

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If your Rav has the Immobilizer system and you can use regular keys, someone bypassed the system. The only way I know of is to stick-glue a chipped key or the chip itself next to the pick-up ring.

Doest it have a remote start?

There are no codes to enter in this system

The K&N filters have a habit of contaminating the air mass sensor.

It would after a short period of time relearn the fuel trim on its own.
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Fake Security System

While the security indicator on the lower dash looks like the Toyota one, and the VIP sticker on the window is Toyota, I am left to wonder whether the installer shafted the lady who owned this before me. I don't get any chirps when locking and unlocking the unit. I am not sure what to look for to verify this? The printout for the car shows only two option codes I don't understand, C7+ and N1+.

Also, when you specify the computer will respond to changes, are you recommending that I don't take the power off to the ECM as the computer will make its own adjustments if it sees changes?

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If you want send me the vin and I will run it.

No I wouldn't pull the fuse and second i wouldn't use a K&N filter. It lets more air in and the dirt to go along with it. Think about it how can it let more air in and still filter as good as OEM filter. Plus the oil on the K&N coats the Mass Air sensor screwing that up

Foot note: that truck likes to waste cats and that K&N filter will help them along
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The VIN number is JTEHH20V126041607.

Thanks for your info on the K&N. I presume your footnote refers to catalytic converters? I know that TRD sells a similar filter, that is an oil coated filter similar to the K&N, for many of their vehicles. Not to question your comment, because there are many who agree with you and I appreciate your time and knowledge, but I am left wondering why TRD would even sell them?
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I was able to pull up the invoice.

It has Keyless entry with an upgrade to a security system. That system doesn't chirp.

It doesn't have the chip key system (Immobilizer)

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