91 Cavalier starter problems and trans leak

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Unhappy 91 Cavalier starter problems and trans leak

I have a 91 cavalier Z24 3.1L and it is the bane of my existance! J/K it does give me quite a few problems though and this weeks problems are for one the starter is whining when i try to start it. I can here its trying to start a little so it has to be coming in contact with the flywheel even if its just a little bit.
Now here's the kicker, everything running to the starter is brand new, battery, both cables and all the fuseable links. When I took the starter in to autozone to be tested it fired right up and the machine said that it was fine.
Then I thought maybe its just getting old and the teeth are getting wore down so I figured that if I pulled the one shim it had in it this would bring it closer to the flywheel solving my problem. Needless to say it didnt solve my problem it just made a really wierd sound and I shut it off immediatly, put the shim back in and let it be. So I am at a complete lose with that one.
The other question I have is my trans is leaking from the check plate which is on the outer most side of trans opposite of rear main and flywheel right behind the front drivers side tire. From what I've heard from a few people is that this area isn't even supposed to have t-fluid in it and that it is an indication that I've got a main seal leak. All I really want to know is if this is true or not because I was real close to pulling the plate, cleaning it up and RTVing the hell out of it and calling it a day. However I figured it would be the smart thing to check with all you guys first cause no one here has ever steered me in the wrong direction. Anyway thats what I need and I appreciate the help!

Thanks Guys,
Dave, Michigan
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Well, you do have a bad starter and if it hasn't happened already, your ruining you flywheel also. You need to get that resolved quickly. As far as you tranny leak, it sounds like your referring to the trans side cover which does hold trans fluid but I'll let one of the tranny guys field that one.

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