Engine Too Cool


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Question Engine Too Cool

I recently put in a new 195 degree thermostat. All of a sudden the engine won't heat up and the transmisison shifts harder, like it is cold. Also I feel more power available, I think this means I am running rich. Could anybody tell me if this is going to hurt the vehicle, or can I let it run this way for another week until I have an opportunity to replace it. Or could the problem be some place else.

The vehicle is:
1986 F150
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Your assuming a lot of things here that aren't necessarily true. I find it hard to believe it's really running cooler. You need to look it it closer and maybe use a laser thermometer to find out for sure what it's doing It may be your temp sensor or you could even have a large air pocket. Find out before you do any damage.
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Stuck open?

Are you sure your new thermosat is not stuck open?
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Lightbulb I think that might be the problem

It was a brand new one from autozone, one of theirs. It looked nice and pretty and installation wasn't too difficult, except for that one bolt that sits behind the water pump. I did run the vehicle with heater on and radiator cap off to try and get all of the air out. Since I installed it, Once or Twice a day I have checked the fluid level in the radiator. After the first day it was down a little, so I added some. Ever since then it has been fine. Also the engine rpms will not drop like they are supposed to, the engine stays at 900 rpms or so typically it will run 600 rpms on the idle. This is what leads me to believe it is a stuck thermostat rather than a faulty sensor.

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