Cracked Spark plugs in PT Cruiser GT


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Question Cracked Spark plugs in PT Cruiser GT

Have had a cracked spark plug on 3 seperate occassions. Dealership has no idea why this continues to happen. Car has only 10k mi. and is an '03 Turbo. Car will sputter upon acceleration (more pronounced on interstate than city driving) due to arcing of cracked plug. Any suggestions?
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if the tip of the spark plug is cracking it is usually a sign of detonation, check your owners manual and see what octane gas is recomended and dont use any lower octane rating than what is recomended.
short of that keep taking it back to the dealer until the problem is resolved if it is a common problem chrysler will usually issue a technical service bulletin on the problem.
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If it is "cracking"where the plug wire goes on and looks like a black line you can feel it's carbon tracking.To fix that the wire and the plug need to be changed at the same time or it will continue manifest itself.I would really be interested in the description of the plug crack and hope you will be kind enough to respond.I will tell you why later if my hunch is correct.

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