88 bronco rear main seal


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88 bronco rear main seal

i have a 1988 ford bronco with a 5.8L engine and aod transmission just found out my rear main oil seal is leaking and am in a bad spot as i work 2 jobs one at a garage and the other driving so to be without the truck is not good
first what type of seal is there on this setup is it a "ring" or accesable from the oil pan
second if it is the "ring" type any tips on r&r as far as transmision/transfer case removal as where i work we dont have a jack that we trust for the amount of wieght involved.
any help on this would be appeciated
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i've done a lot of work on the 5.0 engines, and I'm 99% sure the 5.8 is set up the exact same way.

its the ring type that goes around the crank. I can't help you with the transfer case, but the aod is a big heavy pos, however, a simple hydraulic jack and a friend, and you can have it out without a problem, the aod weighs maybe 150 tops, but probably closer to 125, so it can be done if you're smart about it. the rear main seal is a little tough to get out, just be careful if you use a screw driver that you don't groove the crank, otherwise you'll have to sleeve it. A grooved crank will leak oil past a new rear main. Be sure to use thread locker on the flexplate bolts, as they are not blind holes, and oil can seep past the threads.

set aside for the transfer case, which i've never encountered, the job shouldn't be that bad to do if you are fairly decent with your automotive skills.

on a final note, the rear main is blamed all too often. Check to be sure your oil drain plugs aren't leaking, then check to be sure your valve cover gaskets aren't leaking, and check to be sure your lower intake isn't leaking. 9 out of 10 times people replace a rear main when it's the valve covers or lower intake leaking down the back of the block.

good luck!
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was wondering if anybody was gonna answer me thanx the truck is now in the air as i am replacing the rear axle after finding out that the only way to replace the clutch packs (ford trac lok diff) is to first purchase the tool from otc and at $1116.00 its easyier to spend 200 for an axle

at any rate the valve covers are done the intake is done and not sure about the oil drain holes you are talking about but with the flourecent (hope i spelled that right) dye and degreasing it appears to be the main however some moron before me put dye in the ps system and the presure hose was bad=the whole underside of truck glows with black light

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