how to program keyless entry? 99 camry


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how to program keyless entry? 99 camry

I have a 99 camry. I bought a transmitter for the keyless entry on ebay. Who know how to program it? The FCC ID is GQ43VT7T. I have tried the following ways but they all don't work. Thanks a lot

1.ll doors unlocked, drivers door open
Insert key and remove(do not turn)
Lock and unlock doors with button on drivers door 5 times(1 sec
Close drivers door, Open drivers door
Lock and unlock doors with button on drivers door 5 times
Take key insert and turn to On position then to lock Twice, remove key
Locks should cycle lock to unlock by themselves if you completed the
sequence properly and it is equipped with keyless entry
In the next 10 secs or so complete the next step :
Take the remote and hold lock and unlock buttons at the same time for
about a sec and then press either lock or unlock for a sec. If the
locks cycle the programming was a success.

2.ave the driver's door open
put the key in and immediately pull it out
Right away click the door lock on the driver's side 5 times on and off
Close the door and again click the power lock 5 times on and off
Leave the door open and insert the key,turn the key to the on position and back off both times
You should hear the power lock go up and down two times. The press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously for more than one second. Then right away press either the lock or the unlock button for more than one second. That should take care of it.

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Are you sure that your vehicle has this type of security system? You should have the remote tested and will probably need the dealer or someone who installs alarms do the programming for you.
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Thank you for your reply.

I think I made a mistake. The model on my car should be RS3000, not RS3200. Now I am trying to find the ECM and program it. The ECM is not under the driver seat, maybe it is located behind the glove box.
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Should be located on left side of dash, remove lower dash panel.

With the doors closed, turn key on and press and hold green button on side of theft module till sec light lites.

Then press one of the buttons on the remote to program. Turn key off and try remote. May have to do all remotes because new one may knock out old ones. I think it can only remember 3 possibly 4 remotes.

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