95 Buick LeSabre Limited Power Windows


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95 Buick LeSabre Limited Power Windows

I'm having problems with driver side and passenger side auto window controls. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. On driver side, can't get driver window down at all; can get passenger side down, but not up; having no problems getting back windows up or down. On passenger side, sometimes the button works, sometimes it doesn't. When using the driver side controls, I can sometimes hear a clicking sound and when I do, if I push harder on the toggle, or press it to the left or right, it works. This generally only happens when trying to get the window down, have no problems getting driver window up. I've contemplated taking the panel off the door, to see if there's a bad connection, or if it's dirty. I have no idea how to take the panel off, I see not visible screws that hold it on. Can you please help?
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You've answered your own questions. You most likely have a bad master switch. If it were a bad connection in the door panel then i doubt it would work like you are describing if at all. The panel should have a couple of screws, maybe behind little caps or covers, or under the armrest. The bottom of the door panel is most likely held by snaps. just give it a jerk at the bottom after you remove all of the screws you can find.
Oh, sometimes you have to remove the speaker cover, speaker and there are screws behind there holding the panel on. Just take your time and be careful not to break anything. You could also see if there is a single screw or maybe 2 that hold the switch panel in then you wouldnt have to remove the entire door panel.
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To take Billy's answer a step further, I think that switch is a little more than just a switch and has the "auto down" module built in. Toyotaman should be along soon to be more specific.

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