Water in the oil


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Water in the oil

I've got a 1994 4-cyl, chev engine which I carelessly let freeze last winter. Now water in the oil. My mechanic ran a block sealer through it and it has improved but there is still some water where it should not be -

As you may have guessed, I'm trying to get by without replacing the engine. Would another block sealer treatment help? Any other ideas?

This engine is in a boat so replacement is VERY expensive.
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It's a band-aid at best; basically rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Probably a worse gamble on a boat than in a car since you could be in a bad situation with no propulsion available if it lets go.
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The only thing in your favor is that you don't have a radiator for the sealer to destroy. A crack will expand and contract with temperature and the sealer is just snake oil. I've said it before "There is no such thing as mechanic in a can". Those product make someone rich but fix very little. Bite the bullet and buy a new block.

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