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Auto Radio

I'm sure this isn't the correct forum, but nobody seems to answer the threads in the stereo/tv forum so here goes. Hope someone can help.

'89 Honda Accord LXi

I'm not sure that this is the original stereo, but my question is as a general rule. The radio has static noses when adjusting the volume control. Is this something that could be repaired with contact spray? I know I'd have to remove the radio and open the chassis to get to the volume control. But seems like I attempted this on a radio in the past, and I couldn't find the small opening in the volume control in order to squirt the spray in.

I used to clean noisy tv controls with this stuff, but not sure if it would work in the car radio. Anyone with info?


ps) I can get model and whatnot from the radio if that's of any help - just let me know
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well if you could clean the contact area on the volume control it would likely help the problem but I do not know if it is really servicable you may get it apart and have the same problem as you mentioned before, and if its original or just old you may just want to buy another radio to replace it with, if its just a radio an aftermarket one is not all that expensive and not hardly worth the trouble to even try to repair.
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thanks, bejay. Of course replacement would be the easiest method, I suppose, but not sure I want to spend the money, albeit cheap, on a new one. Besides, since I enjoy taking things apart and repairing them, I would have less fun
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You ae correct in trying to spray cleaner into the potentiometer for the volume control.

But, it depends on the type of static. Tell me this:

Does it make the noise when turning up the volume control
can you force the noise if you raise and lower the knob and wobble left and right.

The second would indicate a broken solder connection at the circuit board where the volume pot solders in. There is usally 3 or 6 leads. You also can repair this. It will sometimes be visual. Just take your soldering pencil and some very thin solder and touch up the joints.

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