pls hlp Ply Acclain 94 or 96 How to add trans fluid thks


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Question pls hlp Ply Acclain 94 or 96 How to add trans fluid thks

Thanks for any help, tips or advice. I have 94 or 96 Plymouth Acclaim. I would like to add transmission fluid. Please tell me how to do that myself. I see the dipstick and think its low. But I can not find where to add it. Under the hood There is a small rectangular shaped thing with two twist off caps on the right side near the rear. Is that where I add it?? It does not say anything about trans fluid but it says something about adding dot something that was unopened. Thanks so much.
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Trans. fluid is added through the diptick tube, by way of a funnel. That rectangular shaped thing with the two twist off caps is your brake master cylinder. DO NOT add trans. fluid to that, unless you care to spend a few grand on brake repairs....
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And make sure you're checking the level properly also. Normally done at operating temperature, on level ground, tranny in park. Pull the stick, wipe, reinsert. Then pull and check. Level should be in the "hot" range annotated on the stick. Different makers have different looks on the dipstick, but normally the proper level markings are pretty easy to figure out. Should be in your owner's manual if you have one.

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