Explorer Radio Antenna


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Explorer Radio Antenna

AM reception on my 1997 Explorer is very noisy and weak in the NY Metro area. FM is fine.
I've removed the mast and cleaned the threads.
There's no sign of rust or corrosion.
I figure there's a ground problem somewhere.
How easy it it to replace the entire antenna and cable?
I'm told the only way to get to the back of the radio is with a special Ford radio removal tool.
Any advice?

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You can pull the radio with mechanics wire inserted through the holes in the front of the radio.You must do both holes on a side at the same time.AM will never be as clear as FM so you know before you start digging into the problem.Most times it isn't worth the hassle because the station is on FM also.At least around here they are.I see AM radio dying out like lp records did especially with the advent of XM radio.If you have not heard XM radio yet you would be suprised at the clarity.
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AM radio works different from FM radio. AM radio waves work on "line of sight" , and work their best in an open area in a straight line. The Metro NYC area is full of concrete and steel walls, AM radio also see these walls as what they are walls. Am signal can neither pass through or reflect off walls, steel, or cement. Fm radio waves are much shorter, they still see the walls, they are however short enough that they "bounce or ricochet" off and radio wave obstacles. AM will work better if the reciever's antenna were higher than its obstacles.Antenna theory is a hobby of mine.
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Davo, Daniel

Thanks guys for the responses.
I am aware of the vast diferences between AM & FM reception.
I'm basing my complaint on AM reception by comparison to other cars I have or had. In the NYC area, AM should be much better that I am experiencing with this Ford stock radio. Losta fading and noise.
Since I'm an older demographic, I listen to news and talk stations exclusively.
I was able to pull the radio to check for a good ground connection. Everything is clean and tight. I still feel the antenna still needs to be replaced. I spoke with the guys at Crutchfield and they told me the antenna is exclusively a Ford part.
Thanks again for your help!

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A simple test is while tuned to an AM station touch the antenna. If reception gets worse the ant is working, if no change you have an antenna problem.

I too listen to a lot of AM (sports talk radio) and if every thing is in order AM reception is quite good.

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