Clarify Bronco II clutch


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Jon Hayward
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Bronco ll clutch

Have 1989 Bronco ll 2.9L V6. Have relatively new ( less than 3000 miles) cluch kit: disc, pressure plate, release bearing, pilot bearing that have been removed a couple of times for new engine and used transmission. First, A very audible whirring noise began only when pedal was disengaged (not pressed) and in neutral. Now, clutch will not disengage when pedal is pressed. Diassembly showed no wear on disc, pressure plate or pilot bearing and release bearing seems to be well greased. Only problem I could detect was wear on the transmission input shaft, which could have been present on installation. I assume problem with disengagement must be slave or master cylinder malfunction, but the whirring sound has me puzzled. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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If you only hear the whiring sound when the clutch is engaged, it has to be the front bearing in the transmission.
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Jon Hayward
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Clarify Bronco II clutch

Desi501 - thank you for your reply. Before I tear into the trans, just wanted to verify your diagnosis. Whirring sound only occurs when clutch pedal is up and trans in neutral. Never when in gear, clutch pedal up or down. Never when traveling. Also, forgot to mention, clutch pedal pressure began to vary before failure. Looks like I have two problems, whirring noise and clutch hydraulic failure? Thanks again for your time.
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Sounds like the input shaft bearing to me also.If you have a hydraulic problem save yourself the grief and change the master and slave cylinders.

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