Brakes stopped working on 96 windstar


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Brakes stopped working on 96 windstar

The other day I was travelling on interstate 93 through Boston when everyone braked suddenly. When I applied the brakes the pedal went to the floor but I was hardly stopping. The car changed lanes, luckily there was no one in that lane. I pulled over and tried the brakes which worked but the pedal was close to the floor. I got off at the next exit and checked for leaking fluid but there was none. The fluid level was at full. I stayed in the right with my hazzard lights flashing and I drove for a while then the brakes came back again. I had it checked but they found nothing. Anyone know what could have caused this. Thanks
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If the brakes were dragging at any of the wheels, then you could have boiled the brake fluid but more likely it was just the master cylinder bypassing. Check your wheels for any signs of brakes overheating like discolored rotors. If nothing is found, I would replace the master cylinder.

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