busted a.c.compresser


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busted a.c.compresser

i have a 1996 kia sephia r.s a.t. 1.8 liter. the a.c. compresser has been busted about 2 years and after sweating it out i have decided to buy a new one from the dealer cause that's bout the only place i can find one,and if you knew the price you;d understand why it's taken me 2 years.but anyways with it not being ran in 2 years will i have to replace anythingelse to make my a.c. cold again?? i know i'll have to have it taken at a shop and pull the vacum on it and recharge but was wondering if i'll have to replace anythingelse. thanks for any info.
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After being down for 2 years, the system may have developed any number of new problems. At the very least, you will have to flush the condenser thoroughly and replace the receiver dryer. You also need to find the cause for the original compressor failure. This could be a condenser or fan problem. There is a very good chance that after sitting for 2 years, you will have problem with the expansion valve sticking. You won't really know until you recharge the system after the repair.
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Make sure after flushing the system the proper amount of refrigerant oil is added before charging the system.If you have someone charge the system they should have the info needed as to the amount of oil.

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