Astro van air conditioning head ache.

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Astro van air conditioning head ache.

first let me say that this is my first time on this forumn or any auto repair forumn so bear with me if i sound like a begginner.
i live in southern florida where it is hot and humid and not having air or having air that does not work properly can realy be a pain in the *bleep*.
I own 89 chevrolet astro with the 4.3 liter v6 for my work vehicle, a van wich i actualy have realy enjoyed and had very few problems with..till now.

the problem is my air conditioning, i havnt taken it in yet as id like to fix it myself if it might be something simple ive overlooked.
the air works but does not blow very cold air. ive checked ac levels and it has more than enough coolent. the fan blows as it should but does not put out cold air.
heres a few oddities that might help anyone trying to help me.

1 the rear air blows ice cold, but does not put out enough to cool the entire van.

2 if i turn off the rear air, the front air ceases to put out ANY cold air ( something i realy dont understand)

3 when the air worked well, there was the normal dripping of watter from the front end of the vehicle as well as the rear ( from the rear air)
now however the only condensation i see is from the rear even when the front is running. even though im getting semi cool air out of the front.

ive re-sealed the entire box even the blower lines, replaced the fan and sealed it in properly. there was a large gap where the lines went into the mixer, i sealed that with foam so there would be no leaking warm air into the housing. ive checked the paddles inside the housing to make sure their opening. they are.

i dont know that much about air conditioning, except that its not something you can take appart to figure out. so im comming to you experienced folks for help.
anything ideas you might have would help. thank you very much for any responses.

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You really need to get a performance/diagnostic check on the AC. Usually less than $50. By putting a set of gauges on the system, a competent technician can pretty much pinpoint your problem and go from there.

Much cheaper than the "dartboard" approach.

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As I fellow South Floridian, I can sympathize and I agree with Smogtech; HOWEVER, I would be very surprised if there aren't shops in your area that will do a quick ac check for free - of course, if you need repairs they're hoping they'll get the job. For ac work I prefer an ac specialty shop vice a full-service place that has ac work on their menu.
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thanks for that

that was another question, so thanks for answering that ahead of time. i was wondering about which kind of shop to take it to. we have a few specialty shops here but it also seems ever tire/auto repair shop also doe AC.

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