'00 FORD Taurus 24V Misifre Question


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'00 FORD Taurus 24V Misifre Question

Looking for anyone may have advice on the following problem;

2000 Taurus with 24V engine; when the vehicle gets hots and sits at idle it devlops a misfire for only 2 or 3 minutes. The diagnotisic trouble codes that it sets are for cylinder #4 misfire, EGR flow insufficent. The codes will usually clear them selves out and the misfire only happens when hot and at idle and usually only lasts a minute to two. I have installed Motorcraft OEM plugs, coil pack #4, and all three rear fuel injectors. After installing the injectors I also got a DTC for the Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor. I don't know if that is of my own doing or what.

I am an ASE/Volvo tech. and I at my wits end trying to diagnosis this one with generic non ford specific test equip. I would love to hear from any Taurus owners, technicians (Ford or aftermarket) All attempts have failed to remidy the problem. I only posted here on DIY because I saw that one of replies was from a Ford Master Tech. and I am hoping that someone similar might help me thanks!

Confuzzed Tech in VA
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P.S. Ford Taurus Misfire

I also installed a new EGR valve too. I wasn;t able to find any applicable bullitiens on the net about my complaint. Thanks
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should check your number 4 plugwire unless it is coil on plug for holes burnt through the side of the boot and for carbon tracking inside the boot.

innsuffiecient egr flow is usually caused by restricted passage ways in the intake you can usually see the passages clogged with carbon by holding the throttle open as they are located right behind the throttle plate.
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Already tried...

already inspected/tried that. I am well versed in the operation of the EGR valve. There is no problem with the EGR passages or coil(s). Thanks though
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Sometimes the engine tricks the pcm by saying #4 is misfiring when it actually is the companion cylinder so the wire or injector may be on the other cylinder that is causing the problem.I also had one of those with the egr code and the throttle body needed removed to clear the clog due to design.Ford also uses what is called a delta pressure feedback sensor and they are common failures on most Ford vehicles.
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-Gave up on the Misfire on the Taurus

I performed a leakdown and compression check on troubling cylinder found that I had pressure leaking out of the intake side of the cylinder (airblowing out of the manifold) during the leakdown test. Pulled the head and it was a burnt valve. Thanks for the help. Do you know of any technician based websites for diagnostics or similar?

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Originally Posted by VolvoTech
Do you know of any technician based websites for diagnostics or similar?

Try iATN. Tons of tech info and help forums.
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www.hi-tektraining.com is a very good website discussion forum for technicians. It is well monitored and designed for the diagnostic technician.

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If You Have An Egr Flow Problem On A Ford That Has Individual Passages For Each Cylinder, The Computor Will Shut Down Random Cylinders That Are Getting Too Much Flow. You May Need To Remove Yhe Upper Plenum To Clean Out Passages.
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2000 ford taurus misfire problems

I've read on some of the problems some of you are having with the 2000 ford taurus 3.0 sfi. Our used-car dept bought one and it has an issue with a cylinder#6 misfire. One of our techs has replaced several parts to remedy this and has had no luck. The only code is p0306 cyl#6 misfire. the individual coil has been replaced, the fuel injector for that cyl and the pcm. You have to drive the car around and get it hot and most of the time you can come back and park it, running in drive with the parking brake on, then it will develop an intermittent miss for approx 30sec, then it's ok for 30 seconds and so forth and so on, the fuel injector is losing the ground (pulsing signal) from the computer. The wire itself tests out fine, and the injector is still getting power from the feed wire. I wouldn't suspect an egr problem because egr should not be flowing at idle, but if the egr is sticking and say the ports to some of the other cylinders were clogged and the misfiring cylinder's port was not clogged yet, the flow, or a good majority of it, would go directly to that cylinder and cause a misfire. I question how the computer determines to kill that individual driver to stop the pulsing of that injector. I've got to spend some time on this car this upcoming week, so if anyone has any suggestions or works at Ford and has seen this, let me know, meanwhile, if I solve the problem, I'll post the info.

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